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Raw Food

Also known as BARF or Biologically appropriate Raw Feeding.

This is the fastest-growing pet food sector in the last 10 years. Many believe that this is the best way to feed your beloved animal and for good reason, no Wheat or Gluten here and it has many proven benefits including smaller less smelly stools glossy healthy coats no mystery ingredients.

We have chosen our suppliers carefully

There are many positives for this method of feeding however we have some concerns, not over the food itself but the method of delivery.

Having spoken with some suppliers we have noticed that their preferred method of delivery is by 24hr normal courier, this raises some concerns as it is clearly an issue if the product partly defrosts before refreezing at home the RAW meat will not be cooked to kill any bacteria.

At Healthy Pet Supplies we will only accept delivery from a supplier if the vehicle is a frozen delivery vehicle operating at the right temperature and the product is then placed in our own freezers without delay. So you can be assured that if you buy frozen raw pet food from us it has been handled in the correct manner. We have chosen our suppliers carefully looking both at their production and transport methods.

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These are the brands we stock, more products will be added to the site in time. If you cannot find what you need, please call for more information,

How to start feeding raw food

Don’t be in a hurry; wean your dog off its current diet and onto raw steadily and progressively over a period of a few weeks. Stay with one protein source initially. Stick to chicken to start with as it is easy to digest and in time you can introduce other meats such as beef, lamb, and tripe.

A simple and relatively fool-proof way of starting is by feeding Natures Menu complete nuggets, Country Hunter Grain Free, or frozen mince blocks. They are prepared from whole cuts of meat, fresh vegetables, and gently cooked rice grains. They also contain all of the vitamins and minerals needed to provide your dog with a balanced, nutritionally complete raw diet in one easy step.

NEVER feed cooked bones. Cooked bones are prone to splinter and can cause internal problems for your pet. Raw bones are easily chewed and digested to provide much-needed calcium. You can introduce raw bones and foods to puppies such as chicken and lamb from about 6 weeks of age if you wish.

Please always supervise your dogs when eating any bones.

All of Natures Menu frozen food has a low Glycaemic Index (GI), which is more suitable for diabetics. Food with a high GI decreases sensitivity to insulin and increases hunger. Therefore, it is suitable to feed to a diabetic dog.

They only use in date, human-grade meat from ethical freedom food assured farms, and all our food passes stringent safe bacteria tests before it leaves the factory.

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