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Garden Visitors

We have an excellent range of wild bird seeds, fat balls etc for your wild bird visitors, all displayed perfectly on the large range of bird feeders we have on offer.


 For the small animals that visit, we have hedgehog food and hedgehog hotels, and even some insect hotels to encourage the bees and bugs into your garden

Please call us or visit us to find out all of the products we stock.

Wild Bird Food

Bird seed from local conservationist farmer

We are proud to stock what we believe to be the best brand of bird seed available from a local conservationist farmer in Rutland, (

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When to feed

Feeding your garden birds is an activity to be enjoyed all year round, providing essential foods to birds when natural food stocks are low. Although feeding through the winter months is most essential, the RSPB and the BTO advocate feeding all year round to guard against natural food shortages whenever they may occur. Feeding through the breeding season brings real benefits to the adults and their young, your garden will be bustling with busy parents and new fledglings.

What to feed

Our mixes, straights, suets, and worms shown within our shop will greatly benefit your birds throughout the year. By feeding a wide range of different foodstuffs you can attract a wider range of species. It is important to feed high energy and quality feeds to benefit your birds most. Feeding the right food at the right time is essential, a selection of feed will ensure you provide for different species. In addition, a supply of fresh water in your garden for drinking and bathing will benefit those visiting.

Feeding tips

• Feed all year round
• Create and manage your garden to supply a natural source of food and shelter
• Locate feeders close to shelter to guard against predators
• Keep feeders clean to avoid the spread of disease
• Keep your seed in the feeder fresh
• Store feed in a cool place out of direct sunlight and use within one year of purchase

We stock a wide range of bird feeders and birdhouses.

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